"If you own a business, you're in politics."

- Daire Rendon

Daire Rendon is pro Second Amendment
Daire Rendon cares about Family Values
Daire Rendon cares about small business communication and growth
Daire Rendon cares about agriculture in the 103rd
Daire Rendon is Pro Life

second amendment

Daire believes in the constitution that our great nation was founded on. The gun rights of American citizens should not be infringed upon by our own government.


family values

Daire and her husband, Bruce, have run their businesses and raised their daughters here in Northern Michigan. Our government should not implement policies that hurt our family values.


Being a small business owner, and employer, Daire understands how vital it is to remove rules and regulations that hinder small business from growth. Daire is looking forward to the opportunity to work with legislators on bringing better communication to the district.


The success of our district is in large part due to our agriculture industry. Having owned and operated a family dairy farm in Lake City for over 16 years, Daire is prepared to protect the rights of farmers.

sanctity of life

 Daire is a proud supporter of the Pro Life and Right to Life movements. Every life is precious no matter how young or how old.  Those who cannot defend themselves deserve the best care and protection we can provide.


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