Daire Rendon with her family
Daire Rendon with her family
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Daire  Rendon with residents in Lake City
Daire Rendon with residents in Lake City



 No stranger to Lansing, Daire has worked behind the scenes for over 20 years with legislative  issues that affected the building industry, bad check recovery, and electronic check processing. This has prepared her for the practical realities of governing and representing her constituents. Her personable and engaging demeanor, when combined with her many contacts in multiple small business sectors, provides her with insights and the ability to communicate or                            arbitrate differences between diverse groups.



D Rendon Grayling COM
Daire Rendon



Daire Rendon speaking with residents of the 103rd
Daire accepting an achievement award from the MACA
Daire accepting an achievement award from the MACA


        Daire served 10 years as a Governor Appointee (Gov. Engler & Gov. Granholm) to the Michigan Bureau of Consumer and Industry Services as a member of the Michigan Collection Practices Advisory Board. The Board worked directly with State Licensing officials on issues affecting state licensed collection agencies, reviewed investigations of complaints, and recommended disciplinary actions for violations of State and Federal collection laws.


Past Chairperson of the Michigan Home Builders Association


Worked on sub-committees to address potential enforcement and legal issues created by Federal legislation of the Check Truncation Act, Real ID Act, Identity Theft Protection Act, and Fair Credit Reporting Act.


Past Chairperson, ACA International, Check & Internet Service Program (CISP), where she coordinated and disseminated legislative, regulatory, and technological information affecting check activity across the United States.


Past President and legislative representative for the Michigan Association of Collection Agencies


Committee Member for legislative drafting of the Michigan Retail Fraud Act in cooperation with the Michigan Prosecutors Association & Michigan Retailers Association


Past Chairperson of the Missaukee County Republican Party


P.O. Box 809 • Lake City, MI 49651

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